Ielts Speaking Part 2 Topic: Favorite Electronic Device


Making plans for the future 47. What it is Where it is made How much it is How you got it and explain why it is important to you Follow-up Questions.

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Laptop is an electronic device which has not only made my life better but also the life of many people has become better.

. We are flooded with technological products such as mobile phones microwaves washing machines computers and so on. How long you have had it How often you have used it What you have used it for And explain why you use it so often 2. If the candidate studies 50.

Suggested questions for stage 1Warm-Up 30. Without technology you are nothing. How long you have had it How often you have used it What you have used it for and explain why you use it so often.

You should say. Technology is all around us. We use technology every day of our life.

Today we cannot imagine our life without technology. Submitted by Dhani Aristya on Fri 01032014 - 1100. Describe an electronic device you use often AjgbM.

However the most important function to me is to keep in touch with my family members and friends by chatting texting messages giving phone calls or making video calls. I am going to talk about my smartphone which is an essential gadget in my life. Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful.

IELTS Writing Correction Service. How you knew about this machine. I use it at the gym every day for five days a week.

Describe an electronic machine you want to buy. Some most commonly used electronic equipment are listed below so that you can pick one and develop your own cue card. It was for approximately 5000 rupees.

Sample answer-Well in the present scenario we are living in a technological era where Technology has spread its legs. With every activity you must need technology in daily life. Tặng các bạn của tôi.

How long you have had it How often you have used it What you have used it for and explain why use it so often - IELTS Writing Essay Sample. At first it was considered to be a luxury but thanks to the modern technology it. Another useful electronic device is a pedometer.

You can use a digital food scale to measure the weight of different foods which can help with portion control and tracking calories. It provides me with dozens of beneficial features such as contacting people taking photos setting alarm or listening to music. You have one minute to think about what youre going to say.

Well I would like to start off by talking about an electronic device I use very often. -When did you buy it-How often do you use it. Describe an electronic device you use often.

The vacuum cleaner is electronic equipment that requires the AC current. You can use a pedometer to track the number of steps taken each day which can help you to increase your daily physical activity level. One piece of technology I use very often is my jogging machine.

Describe an electronic device you use often. I learned to use it from my mom.

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More about this topic.

My husband bought it for me as a special gift on the occasion of my 30th birthday party. What specific features you want from it. My cell phone is very important to me because it helps me communicate with my friends family members teachers and gets me connected with the people I care.

How long you have had it. I use the internet on my cell phone check my emails update my blog send and receive SMS play games listen to music take pictures and then share on my Facebook profiles. How often you have used it.

People have been able to communicate in a much better and faster way and the communication done via the laptop or internet is mostly free. It does dry as well as wet cleaning. And it was at that time I watched so many different.

One useful electronic device is a digital food scale. Describe a place you have visited where you can see interesting animals You should say. It has a very nice attachment which goes under the bed also.

Describe an electronic device that you have You should say. Describe an electronic device you use often. In fact almost every home in the world today have a television set.

Technology made us smarter. A DVD player is an electronic device which is traditionally used to watch movies that are stored in a compact digital and optical disc storage called DVD or digital video discs. Anyway before 15 or 20 years when I was a student a DVD player was a hot household item at every house.

As you may know in the present day obtaining an electronic item is definitely not a difficult thing if we can afford. Describe a technology you use often When you use it What do you use it for Explain why you like to use it. Why you went there What the place looked like What you did there And say which animals you found particularly.

What new features do mobile phones have nowadays. The application of television is useful indeed. That is why I have some different electronic devices such as a stereo an MP3 player a laptop and the alike but I would really like to talk about my tablet an Ipad Air 2.

You can describe any electronic equipment you have and you use. You believe or not now you are totally depended on technology. 1 Describe an electronic device you use often.

Describe something you own which has improved your life 65. Speakings by the user. It has different attachments for different purposes.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. Describe a technology you use often other than computer cue card Contemporary breakthroughs in the field of technology have facilitated us with a number of technological devices such as computers Camera mp players DVD players washing machines mobile phonesHere I would like to talk about one of the most eminent devices mobile phone which. Check this speaking.

If you are at home you stay with technology if you are going to out of home then you also need technology. It is of Euroclean company and is blue in colour. Describe an electronic device you use often You should say.

The gym is at 2 minutes walk from my home. Describe an electronic device you use often 56. And explain why you want to buy this machine.

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